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Houston Dermatologist Invents and Patents Only Razor in the World With 9 Blades

Guys go old school to get the perfect shave

Dr. Moore has used his extensive knowledge of pharmacology and over 20 years of experience in practice as a Dermatologist in Houston, Texas to create his unique and extremely effective line of skin care products. The new Eagle Wings razor not only features nine blades but dispenses a patented shave gel that is released through a battery operated heating pump, lubricating the skin before the blades ever pass over the skin and cut the hair. Once word gets out that current technology doesnt give any lubrication on the first pass of the blade, people will very quickly see that theyve been using something that is antiquated and doesnt make a lot of sense, said Dr. Moore. My new Eagle Wings razor makes a lot of sense, providing lubrication before the blades even hit the skin. The Eagle Wings razor is part of the new three product Moore Unique Ascend collection, consisting of the razor, a cologne and a patented shave gel, Hydroglide Ascend.
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?Wolverine? wields razor-sharp prowess

Logan (Hugh Jackman) is trapped by the poisonous Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova). On Internet shaving forums - yes, they exist - millenials and baby boomers alike discuss shaving methodology and rhapsodize about their best shaves ever. That's how we found Landazuri, who like countless other guys around the globe once considered the daily act of whisker whacking to be a form of drudgery, and expensive to boot. "I was sick of paying $4 for cartridges that lasted maybe a week," he said. Now he looks forward to choosing his shaving implement of the day, be it his straight razor or, more likely, one of a half-dozen old safety razors designed to hold no more than one feather-light piece of extremely sharp stainless steel. True, it takes a little longer to shave with a safety razor, if avoiding weepers is of any concern, he said. Yet they're called safety razors for a reason, and Landazuri said it doesn't take that much longer to avoid nicks than it does to shave with modern plastic razors that are supposedly much safer. Plus, once they learn proper technique (rule No. 1, let the weight of the razor apply the pressure, not your hand), the result is a closer shave than most guys today have ever experienced.
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And if this James Mangold (Walk the Line) take on the superhero franchise stumbles up blind alleys, overreaches and turns long and repetitious by its bloody-bland predictable third act, at least it gives Jackman something worth chewing over for the first 90 minutes. We first see our man Logan in solitary, stuck in a well in a Japanese POW camp at the end of World War II. His captors panic at the sight of a couple of B-29 bombers, and one frees the American prisoners, very uncharacteristic behavior historically, but hey, this is comic book history. The Wolverine RATED: PG-13 (for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some sexuality and language) WHEN: Opens today WHERE: Century 14 Downtown, Century Rio 24, Cottonwood, Four Hills, High Ridge, Premiere (Rio Rancho) Logan shields the guard when the big blast comes because this turns out to be Nagasaki, where the second atomic bomb was detonated to force Japans surrender. Decades later, the immortal mutant with the Adamantium knives in his fists is summoned to the side of the man he saved by a martial arts pixie (Rila Fukushima). Eternity can be a curse, the dying old man (Hal Yamanouchi), now a billionaire, speculates. A man can run out of things to live for. He offers his savior the chance to lose his immortality, to live a normal life span without the super-healing powers and strength that make the very idea that Wolverine would have ever been a prisoner of war absurd. Wolverine finds himself mixed up in the succession between the dying man and his heirs. The Japanese mob, the Yakuza, is trying to nab the supermodel-thin granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamoto), and Wolverine chases her cross-country to protect her.
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